Myrtleford Ski Club Christmas 2015

Membership Fees
Annual subscriptions become due just after the AGM on November 1, so are now due and must be paid by 31st March. 
If you use an automatic payment to the club for your fees could you alter this to the end of the first week in November as earlier payments have caused difficulties for the Treasurer due to the subscriptions changing at the AGM.  This creates the need to follow up for the extra amounts.
In future years, the club will endeavour to send an invoice to all memberships (that have an email address) in the time between the AGM and November 1.
This year’s invoice was sent out a few days ago, if you did not receive this please send an email to the Secretary --  .
For those members who do not have an email address the annual subscription fees are:
Family Membership $220.00
Single Membership $110.00
Family Associate $160.00
Single Associate $80.00
Junior $50.00
Tub Hire (If applicable) $10.00 / Tub
Electronic Payments
Bank: ANZ       BSB: 013749
Account Number: 290409153
Ref: Your surname then SUBS


Could all members please pay ASAP!!!!!! 

2016 Summer Working Bees 
Our working bee dates are: 20 & 21 February and 19 & 20 March.
So get your tools ready and give Leonie a call to book in for one (or both) of the two working bees. Please bring along the following tools: Rakes, Shovels, Barrows, Brush Cutters.


Summer Stays / Bookings
For fire safety and insurance reasons it is essential that all members notify the Booking Officer if you intend visiting the lodge on any day and also sign the visitor register (near the phone). 
If staying overnight or for longer periods, please ensure when you leave the lodge that you clean out ALL food items from the fridge and leave them propped open. Also turn off all appliances and power.

AGM Wrap Up
This year’s AGM was held at the Myrtleford Savoy Club, on Friday the 24th October 2015 at 8.00pm.
AGM Wrap Up - continued
Our club president Brett Dobson warmly welcomed everyone present and apologies & proxies were tabled. The 2014 AGM minutes and 2015 President’s and Treasurer’s reports were presented and accepted.

Committee Recommendation - passed
That, due to high occupancy rates in Winter especially on weekends, the committee recommends that all applications for membership be closed this year.
Change of status for existing members:
Marcus Hughes from Single to Family to include his partner Heather
Lisa Bain from Family to Single
Office Bearers
Brett, the current office bearers and the committee vacated their positions. Col Byrne supervised the nominations for the new committee.
Positions as elected for 2015/16 are:
Brett Dobson – President
Myron Bullivant – Vice-president
Chris Bacon - Secretary
Andrew Milford – Treasurer
Leonie Williams, Tim Walpole, Andrew Robertson & Judy Flinn – Committee members.
Professional cleaning trial
Brett asked for ideas and comments regarding the trial we had implemented over the winter season.
Points made:
  • Due to the rush in/rush out nature of the cleaners and that it was only on two days that the managers might be better utilized in this.
  • Managers could do the same tasks but on an ‘as needs’ basis rather than just two days a week.
  • The managers had been seen cleaning when it was required on some of the days that the cleaners were not scheduled.
  • At the committee’s request the manager’s had maintained a comprehensive cleaning log which they presented to the committee as part of our end of season report and debrief.
  • The additional cleaning was due to some members not doing their chores.  This has been a perennial problem and the managers may need to play a role here.
  • After the winter season and also just prior to the next winter season the club should have the lodge professionally (and thoroughly) cleaned.
  • The committee would be seeking feedback from the all members in the form of an email/survey
Members not doing chores
In a follow up discussion on the issue of some members and guests still not doing their chores the following points were made about this problem:
  • Agreement that the manager’s needed to take a role in this
  • Further that there needed to be some support regarding discipline through the constitution
  • The constitution is currently under review and that this would be considered as part of this process.
"It is better to go skiing and think of God, than go to church and think of sport". 

Merry Christmas from the Myrtleford Ski Club Committee, and may this new year bring you joy and laughter. To be happy is the greatest wish in life.

Until Next Time.
— Myron Bullivant
for the Myrtleford Ski Club Committee
Committee Contact Phone Numbers
Brett Dobson (President) 03 57431008 · Myron Bullivant    (Vice President) 02 60271 002 - Andrew Milford (Treasurer) 035753 4442 · Leonie Williams (Booking Officer) 03 5752 2280 - Chris Bacon (Secretary) 03 5728 2520 ·  Tim Walpole (Committee Member) 03 57271 252 - Judy Flinn (Committee Member) 0410 471 347 · Andrew Robertson (Committee Member) 0409 185 635

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