Myrtleford Ski Club Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas to all members
Membership Fees

If you paid your membership subscription promptly then you should have recently received a receipt and if you have not yet paid then you would have received a reminder invoice. A couple of things to note about these and membership subscriptions:  

Firstly an apology for the wording on the reminder invoice where I used the term 'this year's subscription' which, understandably, cause some confusion. It should have read 2016/17 subscription.  This has been corrected for later reminders.

To clarify further, three important things to note are:
1.  annual subscriptions become due immediately after the AGM.  An invoice will be sent by November 1
2.  you must be financial before you can use the lodge or make a booking (for either the summer following the AGM or the next winter season).  
3. Whilst we prefer prompt payments (there are still bills to be paid) if do not want to use the lodge or book accommodation over the summer period then, to ensure continuation of your membership, your subscription must be paid by the end of the club financial year, 30 September.

If you use an automatic payment to the club for your fees could you please alter this to the end of the first week in November as earlier payments have caused difficulties for the Treasurer due to the subscriptions changing at the AGM.  This creates the need to follow up for the extra amounts. 

For those members who do not have an email address the annual subscription fees are:
Member – Family                     $240
Member – Single                      $120
Associate – Family                  $180
Associate – Single                     $90
Junior (Assoc. and Member)     $50
Tub/s hire (each)                       $10

Electronic Payments
Bank: ANZ       BSB: 013749
Account Number: 290409153
Ref: Your surname then SUBS

2016/17 Summer Working Bees 
Our first working bee was held on 8 & 9 November with a great deal of outdoor clearing and indoor preparatory work completed.  The next working bee is scheduled for 4 & 5 March.

There will some  maybe patching and cleaning of walls and ceilings but our main task is a thorough paint at the March working bee.


Summer Stays / Bookings
For fire safety and insurance reasons it is essential that all members notify the Booking Officer if you intend visiting the lodge on any day and also sign the visitor register (near the phone). 
If staying overnight or for longer periods, please ensure when you leave the lodge that you clean out ALL food items from fridges turn them off and leave them propped open. Also close all windows and lock doors and turn off all appliances.

AGM Wrap Up 

This year’s AGM was held at the Myrtleford Savoy Club, on Friday the 21st October 2016 at 8.00pm. Members with email addresses have all received a copy of the AGM minutes together with all reports and items tabled.  It has been brought to our attention that only the summary financial report was included.  You can download the full financial report by CLICKING HERE.
AGM Wrap Up (continued)

For those who missed this or those without email an AGM summary follows

Committee Recommendations - passed
1. Due to the high occupancy this Winter (especially on weekends) coupled with the 'internal' growth resulting from members changing status, the committee recommends that all applications for memberships be closed this year

2.  Annual be increased to those shown earlier in this newsletter

3.  Accommodation rates to be increased to
                         Shoulder  Peak     Summer
Adult Member       $40      $50        $30
Junior Member     $20      $25        $15
Adult Associate    $50      $60         $30
Junior Associate  $25      $30         $15
Guest                      $70     $85        $40
Junior Guest         $35      $42         $20
(U.18 or student)
Tradesman        (Summer only)     $40

4. That the recently updated standing rules be ratified.
Prior to the ratification there was a discussion of Age 4 rule (Rule 9) including a summary of issue, tabling of legal advice and member email.  As a result of this discussion the following was moved and passed:
"That the Age rule relating to young children in the lodge remain in place for 2017 and that it apply across the board and that the committee look into options re advice about changes."

New Member applications:
New applications were read out.  These names will be added to waiting list.
Change of status for existing members:
From Single member to Family member
Alistair Browne
Laura Myers 
Stephanie Wood
Brian McKay

From Family Assoc. to Single Assoc.
Alexander Ferraro
Ben Pritchard
Karin Walters
Michael Hutchinson
Office Bearers
Brett, the current office bearers and the committee vacated their positions.  Brett called on life member, Col Byrne to supervise the new nominations for committee and office bearers:
Positions as elected are:
President:                    Brett Dobson
Vice President:            Myron Bullivant
Secretary:                    Chris Bacon
Treasurer                    Andrew Milford
As there were 6 nominations for general committee a ballot was held.  This was supervised by Col Byrne and Michael Barnard. 
Committee members elected as the result of this ballot are:   Leonie Williams, Judy Flinn, Andrew Robertson, Tim Walpole.
Unsuccessful nominees were:  Alistair Browne and Alex Showers

General Business
New Booking Arrangements
Brett reported that the committee had monitored this and there was no major difference due to this, other than there were more member and associate bookings and less guest bookings reflecting the changes to the Club as more members now use the Lodge.
Room Allocation Board
Members were told that the board will change in 2017
Committee Nominations
A suggestion was made that those nominated for committee could be asked for a bio so that members could gain some insight into the candidates that were nominated.

Merry Christmas from the Myrtleford Ski Club Committee, and may this new year bring you joy and laughter. To be happy is the greatest wish in life.

Until Next Time.
— Chris Bacon
for the Myrtleford Ski Club Committee

Committee Contact Phone Numbers
· Brett Dobson (President) 0418566030                · Myron Bullivant    (Vice President) 02 6027 1002        
· Andrew Milford (Treasurer) 03 5753 4442           · Leonie Williams (Booking Officer) 03 5752 2280
· Chris Bacon (Secretary) 03 5728 2520                · Andrew Robertson (Committee Member) 0409185635
· Judy Flinn (Committee Member) 0410471347   · Tim Walpole (Committee Member) 03 5727 1252