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Myrtleford Ski Club May 2016 Newsletter

What is new for 2016?

Quite a bit of work has been done over the summer months and you will see and feel several changes including"
*New ‘split’ beds in Room 8.  These can be used separately as ¾ or full size singles or pushed together as Queen or King double beds.  All beds have two storage drawers underneath.
*New doona covers purchased
*New boilers installed and the entire hydronic heating system has been flushed and upgraded, the drying room heater replaced and new heaters installed in the TV room, room 3 and laundry
*Upstairs squeaky floors have been repaired and new carpet laid
*Old steel storage cupboards removed from Laundry and new shelving installed for cleaning products
*Lights installed in both stairwells with 2-way switches at top and bottom of each set of stairs
*Many new smaller items to improve the general amenity including: filters in kitchen grill fan, light fittings in Room 8, magnetic knife racks,
TV room sliding door lock repaired and ‘jamming’ problem fixed.
At the time of writing we are still working on the purchase and installation of a new 3 door commercial refrigerator to replace the old, noisy one as well as a fridge/freezer for the managers.

Change of Editor
As you would be aware Myron has been our newsletter editor for the past 6 years.  He has done a great job particularly in moving the club into an online environment.  Chris has taken over this role, mainly to help simplify communication to members.

Winter bookings, rates and managers

We are pleased to welcome Graeme and Barb Summers back for another season as managers of our lodge.

Winter booking dates and details are:
Shoulder 1 June - 9 July.
Peak 10 July - 10 September.
Shoulder 11 September - 30 September.
Electronic Payments
Bank: ANZ    BSB: 013749 
Account Number: 290409153
Ref: Your surname

Bookings have been a little lighter than normal however most weekends are fairly heavily booked but there are still plenty of mid-week bookings available. Please contact Leonie  (03 5752 2280) until  20th June.  From then on you will need to contact Barb & Graeme at the lodge for further winter bookings. Phone 03 5758 3283.

PLEASE NOTE:  All money owed for accommodation must be paid by May 30th or bookings will be cancelled.

Due to privacy concerns the committee has decided that members should not have direct access to the accommodation record book.  During the season any member can still ask about bed availability but please understand that the managers have been instructed that the accommodation record is to remain in their office.

Bed Rates 2016
Check out bed rates by following the link here.

Updates and reminders.

DOOR CODE.  Please check with the managers before arrival for the new winter code.
RACE WEEKEND. Theme is ‘dress as a song title’.  Brett Dobson will be the Race Captain again this year and Julie Roberts will be looking after the food side of things.

PLEASE:  Could any intending racers (whether or not you are staying in the lodge) send names to Chris Bacon ( so that we can organise the race list and the various race divisions.
CLEANING WINTER 2016. You will recall that we last season we trialled having the showers and toilets cleaned by contract cleaners.  We also sent out a survey seeking your views on this.  We received 52 responses (about 25% of memberships) – thanks to all who did respond.  The responses contained:
  • a good deal of positive and constructive feedback.
  • a fairly even split of opinion between members doing all chores  and having showers/toilets cleaned separately from members chores
  • a main point (made in many responses) that only having the showers/toilets properly cleaned two days a week was not sufficient
As a result the committee is revising the Managers Role to include the cleaning of bathrooms, toilets and kitchen appliances.  PLEASE NOTE that members will still be required to do other chores including their own room, clean up any water on floor of showers after finishing and other tasks as set by the managers.
CONGRATULATIONS. To Marcus and Heather Hughes on the birth of Patrick.
SUBSCRIPTIONS:   For the first time in quite a while we had all subscriptions paid by early May, probably due to the invoice and reminders system we have implemented.  Thank you to everyone.

"My most strived for goal in life is to ski, on as many peaks as I can, through as many forests as I can, over as many drops as I can, for as long as I can ". Anon.

Until Next Time.
— Chris Bacon
for the Myrtleford Ski Club Committee

Committee Contact Phone Numbers
Brett Dobson (President) 0418 566 030· Myron Bullivant (Vice President) 02 6027 1002
Andrew Milford (Treasurer) 03 5753 4442 · Leonie Williams (Booking Officer) 03 5752 2280
Chris Bacon (Secretary) 03 5728 2520 ·  Tim Walpole (Committee Member) 03 5727 1252
Judy Flinn (Committee Member) 0410 471 347
 · Andrew Robertson (Committee Member) 0409 185 635