Myrtleford Ski Club August & AGM Issue

Season in full swing
Snow! Snow! Snow!
With the recent decent snowfalls and the heavy dump that is still happening as I write, I think we can say the season is now in full swing.  The forecast is for more over the next couple of days.  The heavy snow has resulted in a tree in the lodge 'courtyard' coming down but thankfully with no damage or injuries.  There is also quite a bit of snow on the lodge roof as well as in the shedding areas.

Supervision of children
With the heavy snow and the ever present dangers of snow shedding, members are reminded that, when staying at the lodge, children 16 years and under must be under parental supervision.
Members are asked to also make their guests aware of this requirement.  

It is particularly important to monitor children when playing outside to make sure they are not in any area where snow could fall or be shed from a roof, tree any other overhang.
2017 Race Results
For the second year running the club race was held on the extended Nastar course with great weather and very good snow conditions.  Numbers were a little down on last year, however it was really positive to have several first timers competing along with some of the club stalwarts.

The race and fancy dress dinner report is yet to be completed however full race results and times and be found here.
2017 AGM Date

Advance notice of the date for our AGM

27th October 2016, 8.00pm at the Myrtleford Savoy Club.  There is also a working bee scheduled for the weekend after this i.e. 28th/29th October

Full details of agenda and committee recommendations will be sent in the next newsletter.
What's new?
Lodge and Lease 
WiFi in lodge
As well as the new lounge/dining room carpet and new beds, the committee is pleased to announce that the Club now provides free Wi-Fi to members.  Just ask Graeme for logon details and password.
Whilst you are free to use the facility, please do so responsibly and do not abuse it through excessive downloads/uploads or accessing inappropriate internet sites.

Lease update
The Club lease is up for renewal at the end of this year and the committee has just completed the Business Plan (55 pages). After a final check it was finally submitted to Resort Management earlier this week.

As part of this process a SWOT analysis was completed and this, together with member feedback, has led to a meeting with an architect to discuss a substantial upgrade of lodge facilities.

The key aspects in the brief given to the architect are:
  • Roadside entry with club signage
  • Covered walkway from road to lodge
  • Increase kitchen space
  • Increase dining room space
  • Increase living room space
  • Increase bed spaces
Members will be asked for input and also kept fully informed of progress as this exciting project proceeds. 
General Information
Bed and room allocation
This season we have had some issues with members deciding to swap rooms around.
Please note: When booking requests are allocated, consideration is given to appropriate sharing.  Any possible changes must be discussed with and authorised by the managers as well as with the agreement of the other people in the room.

Ski the easy stuff hard, then the hard stuff gets easy!!

  for the Myrtleford Ski Club Committee
  Chris Bacon
  Until Next Time

Committee & Contact Phone Numbers
Brett Dobson (President) 0418 566 030 
Myron Bullivant (Vice President) 02 6027 1002
Andrew Milford (Treasurer) 03 5753 4442 
Chris Bacon (Secretary) 03 5728 2520

General Committee Members 
Leonie Williams (Booking Officer) 03 5752 2280 
Tim Walpole  03 5727 1252 
Judy Flinn  0410 471 347 
Andrew Robertson  0409 185 635