Myrtleford Ski Club Season AGM Issue

2017 AGM

Book the date - 27th Oct. 2017, 8.00pm
Buffalo Hotel, 49 Clyde St, Myrtleford

NOTE: A proxy and nomination form will be sent in a separate email

Meeting Agenda
1. Minutes of the 2016 AGM
2. President's Report
3. Treasurer's Report
4. Committee recommendations (see below)
5. Consideration of membership applications
6. Election of Office Bearers and Committee Members
7. Report back regarding last year's AGM "Age 4 rule and OH&S" motion.

Committee recommendations : 
1. With continued high occupancy this Winter (especially on weekends) coupled with the 'internal' growth resulting from members changing status, the committee recommends that all applications for memberships be closed this year. 
Working Bees
This year the working bees dates will revert back to how they were in previous years.  

Dates are as follows:

October 28 & 29, 2017 (AGM w'end)
February 17 & 18, 2018
March 17 & 18, 2018

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All members are invited to attend our annual working bees. Please advise Leonie if you wish to attend as catering and beds need to be allocated. There is always a great deal to achieve over the Summer so we hope that quite a few members make themselves available.  More in the next newsletter.

Race Results for 2017
Great weather, very good snow conditions --  YES it was our race day and there were many very keen competitors ready to let it rip. 
report of the event can be found here. 
Full race results and times are here.

Summer booking details

The 2017/18 summer season runs from 1st October - 31st May & bookings open:
1st October - Members.
15th October - Associate Members.
29th October - Guest & further bookings.
Electronic Payments
Bank: ANZ       BSB: 013749
Account Number: 290409153
Ref: Your surname

Please contact Leonie Williams our Summer bookings office on (03) 5752 2280 to make a booking this summer. 

Until the open booking period Members and Associates will only be able to book one gazetted holiday period.
i.e. Melbourne Cup, Christmas, New Year, Australia Day, Labour Day, Easter. 
NOTE: Bookings must be paid for within 14 days otherwise your booking will lapse.
After 1st November, you must have paid your 2017/2018 membership to make a booking for this summer.

NOTE: All linen including pillow cases, doona covers and sheets will need to be supplied by the member or guest staying at the lodge over the summer period.

Door Code
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security lock
iconFor reasons of security the door code will be changed at the end of the season. If you wish to use the lodge as a day visitor please contact the bookings officer or any committee member for the code. It is a legal requirement under our insurance policy that all visitors to the club register with the bookings officer.
These are due soon (November 1) and, following the AGM, you will receive an email invoice from the club with your confirmed subscription amount.  
Please pay promptly.
This email will also include the personal details we have on record, please check these and notify the club of any additions or alterations.

Refund Cheques
Please bank any refund cheques from winter.

Until Next Time.
Chris Bacon
for the Myrtleford Ski Club Committee
Committee Contact Phone Numbers
Brett Dobson (President) 0418 566 030 
Myron Bullivant (Vice President) 02 6027 1002

Andrew Milford (Treasurer) 03 5753 4442
Chris Bacon (Secretary) 03 5728 2520

General Committee Members: 
Leonie Williams (Booking Officer) 03 5752 2280
Tim Walpole 03 57271 252
Judy Flinn 0410 471 347

Andrew Robertson 0409 185 635