Preparation for a new season - from the Myrtleford Ski Club
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Myrtleford Ski Club March 2018 Newsletter

Correction and Apology

In the last newsletter an error was made which we need to correct. 
The winner of the 10 and under division in the club's 2017 race was actually Llewela Browne. 
We apologise for the mistake and also note that Llewela's time was the fastest for this division over the longer NASTAR course so well done to her.

Moving into ski mode for 2018

Memberships Fees
Thanks to all those who have paid and receipts have been emailed out to you. 
Reminders have also been recently sent out to those who have not paid - please pay ASAP.

Family Membership $240.00
Single Membership $120.00
Family Associate $180.00
Single Associate $90.00
Junior $50.00

Please make sure that you pay the amount detailed on your invoice as following up under and over payments unnecessarily wastes quite a bit of the Treasurer's time.

Working Bees
This year we reverted back to our mid-February and mid-March working bees.  A big thank you to the members who attended and a great deal of work was done with a quite a bit of wall cleaning, painting and small repairs being completed.

Things you will notice in the lodge are:
*A handrail has been installed for the upper flight of stairs in the loft
*All doors, architraves and skirting in the entry and most in the lounge and TV room were freshly painted.
*Wooden window sills in the lounge and rooms 1 & 3 were sanded and varnished
*The kitchen 'swing door' wall was patched, sanded and freshly painted.
*The two courtyard snow gums have been cut down and removed.
*A sensor light has been installed in the Room 8 'landing' area
*New waterproof lights in the laundry
*A monitor has been installed in the entry. This will be used to display room allocations and other information.
*Our 'block' was thoroughly brushcut and the sticks and leaf litter removed.

Winter booking details

2018 Booking arrangements!
Booking arrangements remain the same as past two seasons.
Remember you must be financial to make any bookings and this winter the booking details are: 

Shoulder 1 June - 14 July.
Peak 15 July - 8 September.
Shoulder 9 September - 31 October.

Tuesday April 3rd - Full Members
3 weekends + 1 week

Monday April 16th - Associate Members
3 weekends + 1 week

Monday April 23rd- All Members
1 further weekend + 1 week &
book guests for 1 weekend + 1 week

Monday April 30th - Open booking
no restrictions

Electronic Payments
Bank: ANZ       BSB: 013749
Account Number: 290409153
Ref: Your surname

Please contact Leonie Williams on (03) 5752 2280 to make a booking this season. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Leonie will be away on 19/20/21/22 April.  Her answer service will be on, please leave a message that includes:  who you are, what you wish to book and what dates.  Leonie will be back on the Sunday and will return calls if these details are included.

Bed Rates 2018
These also remain the same as last year and can be found by following the link here.

NOTE: Bookings must be paid for within 14 days otherwise your booking will lapse.

Bookings made during the season through the managers are to be paid at the time of booking.
Race Weekend
This year’s race day is scheduled for 21st July.  This is a week later than previous years and hopefully we will be able to complete two runs on the extended NASTAR course. 
This year's theme is:  
MEDIEVAL  Time to think about where you've packed away your suit of armour, jester's outfit or Maid Marion and Robin Hood costumes.  BTW: No horses allowed in the lodge :)
"Skiing or Boarding made easy in one simple sentence.  Turn right, turn left, repeat as necessary."

Until Next Time.
— Chris Bacon
for the Myrtleford Ski Club Committee
Committee & Contact Phone Numbers
Brett Dobson (President) 0418 566 030
Andrew Robertson (Vice President)  0409 185 635
Andrew Milford (Treasurer) 03 5753 4442 
Chris Bacon (Secretary) 03 5728 2520
Committee Members 
Leonie Williams  03 5752 2280 

Tim Walpole  03 5727 1252 
Judy Flinn  0410 471 347
Myron Bullivant 02 6027 1002