Myrtleford Ski Club May 2018 Newsletter

Welcomes and Farewells

As usual this newsletter contains a summary of the summer work and information for the upcoming season however this year it also has a welcome and farewell 'flavour'.  Obviously the first of these is to welcome in the new season which we all hope will be a good one.

Secondly, the committee farewells Tim Walpole who has decided to stand down due to family reasons.  Tim has served continuously on committee since the 2011 season.  His calm and considered thoughts have been appreciated by all who have worked with him.  Tim and his family wish to keep the reasons for his decision to step down private so the Committee asks that all members respect that wish.

This, of course, created a casual vacancy  and the Committee is pleased to advise members that Alistair Browne has accepted an invitation to join it.  So, on behalf of all members, the Committee extends a warm welcome to Alistair.

Winter bookings, rates and managers

We are pleased to welcome Graeme and Barb Summers back for their 13th season as managers of our lodge however, on a slightly sadder note, Graeme and Barb and the Committee have mutually agreed that this will be their final season as managers.  We are making the announcement in this newsletter so that members have the opportunity to farewell them during the season.

Winter booking dates and details are:
Shoulder 1 June - 14 July.
Peak 15 July - 8 September.
Shoulder 9 September - 31 October.
Electronic Payments
Bank: ANZ    BSB: 013749 
Account Number: 290409153
Ref: Your surname

Most weekends are fairly heavily booked but there are still quite a few mid-week bookings available particularly July 22-26, Aug 5-9 & Aug 12-16.
For bookings, please contact Leonie  (03 5752 2280) until 20th June, following that contact Barb & Graeme at the lodge for further winter bookings. Phone 03 5758 3283.

PLEASE NOTE:  All money owed for accommodation must be paid within 14 days or bookings will be cancelled.

Bed Rates 2018
Check out bed rates by following the link here.

FCAA Discount Cards
Once again the club has purchased FCAA discount cards for each membership.  Ask Barb and Graeme for your card when you get to the lodge.

What is new for 2018?

Quite a bit of work has been done over the summer months and you will see and feel several changes including:

*A monitor has been installed in entry (to show room allocations, weather, etc)
*Courtyard is now clear of snow gums
*Other dead trees, etc removed
*Handrail fitted in upper stairs to loft
*Sensor light fitted in Room 8/Laundry landing
*Repainting of the entry and living area doors, skirtings and architraves 
*Kitchen end wall (swing door) repainted

*Room 1 & 3 wooden sills sanded and varnished
*All upstairs bedroom and hallway walls cleaned

Working Bee Free Weekend Winners
Single:    Marg Williams  
Family:    Cate Sutterby & John Darveniza      

Thanks to everyone who contributed and congratulations to Marg, Cate and John

Updates and reminders.

SUBSCRIPTIONS  A big thank you to the majority of members who have paid their annual subscription.  At the time of writing there are still a few outstanding and they have all been sent a reminder.
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE - when completing an online payment could you make sure that, if at all possible, you include your initial, surname and description(subs or accom) as it is difficult to reconcile payments with members without these details.
NOTE:  If subscriptions remain unpaid for a year the membership is cancelled and the member/s must re-apply for membership.  For this reason it is vital that members keep personal contact details up to date.
  Please check with the managers before arrival for the new winter code.
RACE WEEKEND. This year's theme is ‘Medieval’.  Andrew Robertson and Chris Bacon will be the joint Race Captains this year.  Lunch and dinner will be provided for everyone on the Saturday.  
Anyone with special dietary requirements please contact Chris prior to the weekend on 03 57282520

PLEASE:  Could all intending racers (whether or not you are staying in the lodge) send names to Chris Bacon ( so that we can organise the race list and the various race divisions.
On a very sombre note the club was saddened to hear of the recent passing of John Robertson

John was member of the club for over 60 years serving as a committee member for a total of 21 years (1946-67).  John filled the position of Club Secretary from 1946-1956, then President in 1957 and finally as Treasurer from 1958-1967.

From the 1940s until the 1970s Myrtleford Ski Club competed in various interclub competitions and during that period John was a competitive and well performed downhill skiier and represented the club with distinction.  He gained many podium results and also held several titles, most notably the 1956 Victorian Downhill Championship.  His talents were rewarded when he was elected to leadership roles with teams that visited New Zealand (Vice Capt in 1956 and Capt in 1958). 

For his various services to the club and skiing in general, John was honoured by being  named an inaugural Life Member of the Myrtleford Ski Club (an honour he shared with Gordon Muller).  Badges were not awarded until our 75th anniversary year (2014) and John was in attendance and proudly accepted and wore his badge.

Throughout all of these achievements John remained a humble and quietly spoken man and, on behalf of all members the Committee, sends its heartfelt condolences to the Robertson family.

Skiing or Boarding made easy in one simple sentence: 
Turn right, turn left, repeat as necessary.

  for the Myrtleford Ski Club Committee
  — Chris Bacon

  Until N
ext Time

Committee & Contact Phone Numbers

Brett Dobson (President)      0418 566 030          Andrew Robertson (Vice President)      0409 185 635
Chris Bacon (Secretary)       03 5728 2520          Andrew Milford (Treasurer)                    03 5753 4442

Committee Members 
Leonie Williams            03 5752 2280                   Judy Flinn             0410 471 347
Myron Bullivant             02 6027 1002                  Alistair Browne      0425 246 420