Myrtleford Ski Club March 2019 Newsletter

Gearing up for the 2019 season

Memberships Fees
Thanks to all those who have paid and receipts have been emailed out to you. 
Reminders have also been recently sent out to those who have not paid - please pay ASAP.

Family Membership $260.00
Single Membership $130.00
Family Associate $200.00
Single Associate $100.00
Junior $50.00

Please make sure that you pay the amount detailed on your invoice as following up under/over payments unnecessarily wastes quite a bit of the Treasurer's time.

Working Bees
A big thank you to the members who attended our Feb and March working bees.  A great deal of work was done with a quite a bit of wall cleaning, painting and small repairs being completed.

Congratulations to our free Winter weekend winners:

Family:  Simon Ferraro & Liljana Kormanic
Single:  Marg Williams

Major work done:
*All doors and architraves in the entry and upstairs area (loft door, managers office and bedrooms) were freshly painted.
*Wooden window sills in the lounge and room 1 were sanded and varnished
*TV room ceiling painted
*Thorough inventory of pillows done -- older ones thrown out and replaced
*Our 'block' was thoroughly brushcut twice and the sticks and leaf litter removed
* New lighting installed in loft stairwell, outside Rooms 6 & 7 and also in the entry to room 8.
*Magnetic door catch installed on room 8 door.
*Kitchen walls cleaned, benches repaired and re-siliconed and exhaust fans cleaned 
*Bathrooms cleaned, some ceilings painted and all towel rails/hangers tightened.
Race Weekend
This year’s race day is scheduled for 20th July.  This is the same weekend as last year (a week later than previous years).  We hope to be able to complete two runs on the extended NASTAR course. 
This year's theme is:  Heroes & Villians

Winter booking details

2019 Booking arrangements
New phone number for all bookings
0484 004 331
Club winter season dates now coincide with the declared season dates: 

Shoulder 7 June - 13 July.
Peak 14 July - 7 September.
Shoulder 8 September - 5 October (may extend if good snow)

Booking arrangements remain the same as last year and remember you must be financial to make any bookings

Monday April 1st - Full Members
3 weekends + 1 week

Monday April 15th - Associate Members
3 weekends + 1 week

Monday April 22nd- All Members
1 further weekend + 1 week &
book guests for 1 weekend + 1 week

Monday April 29th - Open booking
no restrictions

Electronic Payments

Bank: ANZ       BSB: 013749
Account Number: 290409153
Ref: Your surname

Please contact Leonie Williams on
0484 004 331 to make a booking this season. 

Bed Rates 2019
These have changed from last year and can be found by following the link here.

NOTE: Bookings must be paid for within 14 days otherwise your booking will lapse.

Bookings made during the season through the managers are to be paid at the time of booking.
Club business updates

Lease -- 1. an Environmental Plan is being prepared (thanks to Club Member Charles Hajek)
2. Final extension plans will be completed soon. NOTE:  These plans will be on display in the lodge over this winter

Constitution -- we will soon receive the final draft Constitution back from our solicitors.  After sending this to all members for perusal and comment a Special General Meeting will be called to discuss and ratify the document.

Managers appointment -- this is at the final interview stage.  More soon.

Club members will be saddened to hear of the recent passing of Alf Richardson.

Alf was member of the club for over 70 years having joined soon after the Club reformed following World War II.  As the only stair-maker in the North-East Alf was deeply involved with the construction of the lodge in 1948/49.  He was also particularly adept at working through any problems with Falls Creek Management.  Alf also built the original 4WD vehicle that serviced the Club and lodge as well as serving on Committee for 7 years.  In 1952, Alf was appointed Team Manager of a North East ski team that travelled to New Zealand to compete against a NZ team.

In recognition of his hard work and input in the early years of the club, Alf was honoured with Life Membership in 2000

Throughout all of these achievements, Alf remained a modest and quietly spoken man and, on behalf of all members, the Committee sends its heartfelt condolences to the Richardson family.

Until Next Time.
— Chris Bacon  for the Myrtleford Ski Club Committee

Committee Contact Phone Numbers
Brett Dobson (President) 0418 566 030                  Andrew Robertson (Vice President) 0409 185 635
Andrew Milford (Treasurer) 03 5753 4442                Chris Bacon (Secretary) 03 5728 2520
General Committee Members
Robyn Henderson  0438 271 472                              Myron Bullivant    02 6027 1002  
Stephanie Wood     0408 939 780                              Alistair Browne    0425 246 420